We’re well on our way with this whole 2020 thing, and we’ve already seen resolutions come and go like the wind. It’s not easy to set a list of things to accomplish and actually do the hard work of getting them done, day in and day out.

This group gets it done

The easy thing to do is snooze the alarm, sleep in an extra hour, or go home early after work and sit on the couch with a bag of Funyuns. But growth and success usually don’t come from taking the easy route, and this morning we had a great group of Plymouth Movez regulars who have proven with their actions that they’re willing to grind and make their workouts a priority.

Not searching for Funyuns

We had a fun deck of cards-themed workout today, where you flipped a card and took one of three routes: a fast-paced Brewster Gardens circuit; a stage circuit with yoga movements and single leg hops; and the well-loved stair repeats.

All the workout’s a Stage

The wind and rain made the morning a wet and wild one, but the gamble each and every person who showed up today took paid off: They proved that no matter what the weather holds, they will be there ready to move. We love throwing fun wrinkles into these workouts, but we love even more the presence of you awesome humans who make us want to be better each and every week.

Group Photo

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