Every week, we come up with new workouts. New challenge combinations that are designed to be hard and a challenge for everyone with any kind of fitness experience. Then every once in a while, members look at us with a special kind of look and then follow it up with all sorts of questions. Today let’s explore a few of those questions.

Co-leader Beth taking the workout by the… crawls

“Whose idea was it to bear crawl down and then crab walk up?!?!”

It matters less whose idea it was [It was Elin!–Beth] , and it matters more that it was something of a surprise and you still take that challenge. Moving your body in different ways helps you prepare for the unexpected things in life. What if a bear came up out of nowhere when you were having a picnic on a hill, if you have done these before, you will be able to back out of the situation without a second thought. Plus it might confuse the bear and then you helped others around you survive too.

Happy Sideways Bear Crawlers

“Do you sit at home planning and cackling when you come up with these ideas?”

Listen, you probably don’t want to know where we get these ideas. Sometimes we’re on the toilet, sometimes we’re in a sensory deprivation tank listening to Bollywood music and sometimes we’re just watching a stupid YouTube videos and inspiration strikes. We may or may not cackle, cough, choke, stand up and yell, “Eureka!” but whatever happens, what matters is that the workout is interesting and challenging for everyone.

Workout with a view

“Can you show me a video of a Bear crawling sideways down a hill?”

Oh you don’t know the power of the internet. But be aware that even if there wasn’t such a video (don’t worry, there is) it is good to get comfortable with unusual movements. Many times in life you will find yourself in weird and unusual circumstances that you may find these kinds of things help you out in surprising ways.

What happens when you do something different

When I was much younger, like in my teens, I used to be super klutzy. I tripped and fell over regularly and thought nothing of it. I then began to hike out in the woods in Sunderland, MA (Western, MA or the land beyond Worcester for those who have never heard of it) and there was a lot of small volcanic rocks on the hills. This meant that when I was going down the hill I would step, slide a bunch, then hop on the next foot and slide some more. I would do that as part of a new regular hiking regime, but you know what? I improved my balance and rarely have any issues. So who knows what benefits or super powers side bear crawls will give you but you will never find out if you don’t try.

And for those of you who really want to see the bear side crawling down a hill, just click here!

Group Photo

See you next week for our PR Day with two workouts for the price of none! See you at Wednesday at 5AM and/or 6AM on or near Plymouth Rock.
–Elin Flashman

Who Does That?!

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