I realized something big about life and people came to me when was starting to workout with the Free Fitness movement in Boston called November Project. This is not your standard, “Oh, working out makes me happy!” type of story–though it does. It’s not even, “I love metrics and fitness metrics are what makes my world go round” kind of story–That goes to another friend of mine Joe the Fifth. Here is what I realized: It’s ALL about the energy.

Well, not exactly.

The kind of energy people put out around others matters. Positive energy is infectious. I saw the leaders of the fitness group at the time and yes, they where charismatic, but more than just that they carried a sense of excitement. That excitement is what drew me in and helped me push even harder at the workouts. When you bring energy to what you do it is infectious and it gets everyone moving, laughing and letting the stresses of life go. So I made conscious choice to watch and learn how to harness that energy myself and help imbue others around me with positivity and get them excited to be alive.

Looking Supercharged!

I also realized that it’s not just at free fitness that it makes a difference. At work I found I could use that energy to really help the people I talked to and it made it more interesting to me. I learned that even how you say hello to people around you can have great effects (yes, sometimes they just think you are a crazy person, but that’s okay as long as they thing I am a happy crazy person). I also saw that animals react to positive energy. Dogs love excitement and even birds. Pet birds sometimes get used to being ignored but when you give them attention, their eyes brighten up and it’s lovely.

These people have amazing Energy

So I challenge you to see if you can use some of the energy and positivity and pass it on to those around you. Show excitement, offer hugs, smile and be good to those around you. Maybe you might even be at the dentist getting a cleaning an leave having made jokes about doing Tic Tok videos of us lip singing videos or have people open the door because you are both laughing like they shared some funny gas with you.

In any case, Monday is the Boston Marathon and if you don’t already have plans we highly recommend you join Matt and I for a free workout with November Project Boston at 6:30am at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir at this meetup spot. Breakfast is available right after at a couple of places nearby.
MARATHON CHEERING: After Breakfast we will be heading to mile 18 in Newton where NP Boston runs a hydration station and cheer spot at Commonwealth Ave & Exeter St, Link here
Feel free to reach out to us and we can give you more details or make sure to meet you there.

Then Wednesday see you back at the Rock at 6AM!

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