Every week we’re busy working hard to design new workouts, come up with fresh, interesting and often weird things to leave this community tired and full of memories. You might thing we are working this hard so that we can be cool or because we want to somehow bank in on this somehow.

No Sixes! No Sixes!

Honestly, we’re not looking to some end goal of being cool or making money on this. We do it because we want to make workouts that would excite us. We want to be jealous that we’re not on your side of things, doing the workout and hoping it was over soon while still laughing and cursing the die that just made us do the tricep dip loop again for the fifth time.

Free Fitness and the American Flag at America’s Hometown

It scratches an inch for us and it feels great to see this community grow. We’re an #NP_Pledge (To those not in the know, that means we aspire to be part of November Project which is a free fitness movement in 52 cities around the world), but in the end that matters less to us than if what we do makes us happy. And believe us it does that and more because it provides a creative outlet for us and every week our belief that we are surrounded by amazing people is reinforced.

The morning will only get more scenic every week.

So enjoy today’s album as the energy out there today was palpable and we only hope the album captures even a portion of it.

Group pic

See you next week at a crisp 6AM, Wednesday morning at our home, Plymouth Rock,
–Matt, Beth and Elin

We’ve Got An Itch

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