Our Workouts Make You Do Handstands

We’re constantly tweaking our workouts with one major goal in mind: To bring out the best energy inside each unique community member.

Because no matter what your personality type is, you have a sparkle inside, and that little ball of energy is worth sharing. It helps imbue our gatherings with a special zest, and it makes these workouts so enjoyable.

Because frankly, when we’re stuck on Zoom, there tends to be a lot of the same.

Who wants to do 60 burpees, 60 push ups, and 60 squats???!!

A lot of timed workouts with body weight movements, that leave you feeling accomplished but sometimes yearning for that feeling of connectedness.

Today’s workout allowed each community member the chance to shine, and shine they did! We had three exercise options per round, and we offered it up to any taker. (We increased the rep count for each round, as well 😉

Magen went first (because she loves her Burpees!) and used her two life lines to divvy up the 60 repetitions of burpees, push ups and squats between herself and two of her friends.

The star of the show today was Kathleen, who took the stage and powered through 210 repetitions of side planks, tricep push ups, and single leg hops BY HERSELF, while the rest of us peons did 5 reps of each continuously until she was done.

Whether we’re onscreen or not, we’re working hard

It was so cool to see her grab the bull by the horns in our virtual setting and really shine. Because, like we said, we each have our only personality to show to the world (or community).

I loved seeing the energy flow again, and I smiled when we did our hip bridge marching burnout at the end in unison. It was a wonderful way to tie the whole thing together.

Great work to everyone who showed up this week. You people keep us going!

Until next week, friends 🙂

We’re In This Together

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