We have been super lucky with the weather so far, but now the cold is finally here. We’ll make you a promise that if you give it a chance, working outside year round will make your life better and make you a better athlete because you won’t second-guess any workout. You just check the weather and adjust your gear for it. So for those of you who don’t have as much experience with working out year-round here are some tips to go by.

The worse the weather, the better the workout

First of all, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel here, there is a great and detailed blog about this everyone should read here from our free fitness friends who workout in Edmonton in the land of Canadia. No, really, go read it and then come back here. Done? Good.

A few extra pieces of information I have found have helped a lot: –>I learned I hate having cold or wet feet, and so every winter I invest in box of foot warmers to put over my toes (or use for hands or wherever I like). For wetness I found that a pair of Gore-Tex trail shoes does wonders. Not only are they dry, but they retain heat better.

When you are prepared, you can do anything

A cheap buff does wonders for keeping your face warm during a run and for those with asthma it will help keep the air you breathe warmer which should help.

Matt, looking super in his Buff

When it comes to gear, layers are more important than having the latest greatest technology. Also TJMaxx and other discount stores have cheaper options. (Also check out Savers for super cheap options)

If you haven’t been fitted for running shoes, highly recommend doing so to make sure you are running in a shoe that works with your body and running style. Many local running stores like our friends at Marathon Sports will do this happily.

Steve knows more than a sane man should know about shoes.

Dress for 20 degrees warmer, because once you warm up your body heat will provide the difference.

Finally getting cold and sweaty layers off quickly in very cold days is highly recommended. The wet clothes will suck your heat away if you sit in them too long. I often keep a spare shirt in my car to change into right after. If you still have questions, please feel free to comment below or message us privately if you prefer.

Don’t you want to have memories like these before most people start their day?

Joining us every week will give you an edge over others. Every week you will get to see what works for you and then adjust accordingly.

So with that in mind, see you Wednesday morning at 6AM at The Rock!

#Weatherproof: A Primer

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