Many times in life, we focus on reaching the goal. For some it could be a race (from 5K to Marathon and more), for some it is attaining a job or title. Much of the time we hyper focus on doing everything we can to get there, sometimes at the cost of other things in our life. However when I think of times like these I often find that what I enjoyed more was the path to that goal. For some they need a goal like a Marathon to stay motivated and keep getting out there every day and there is nothing wrong with that.

Taking on the challenge

However I believe Plymouth Moves offers something a little different. We don’t want to suggest that you shouldn’t have goals, in fact we encourage you to have fitness goals. There are tales and amazing experiences awaiting those going for marathons, hiking a great mountain, or whatever goals you seek. We hope to be there to cheer you on! However, we also hope to help make these Plymouth Movez workouts something to look forward to so that you can push yourself out of your comfort zone. We want to keep you ready for all the things life throws at you. We train you for life.

Katy is Springy

So with that being said, next week will be something to write home about:

  • First of all it is our PR Day with two workouts at 5AM and 6AM.
  • It is also our Yearbook Photo day, see details on that here.
  • Finally everyone who shows up and doesn’t already have our sticker shown below can get one Wednesday. If you want a sticker and don’t have one you will need to show up and get your Yearbook Photo to get it. If you can’t make it, send someone else and beg them for it, because they won’t be available next month!

So let’s finish strong this month. We want to see everyone there!
–Elin Flashman

I don’t see any stairs there

We Train For Life

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