Everything is not okay. The world is going through some very interesting times with social distance, kids at home, people working from home and other essential people go to work. Everyone is very likely to have a lot on their plate and even just dealing with the new social distance reality can be a lot to handle. We get it. We don’t assume we know what any one of you is going through. We do however believe strongly in keeping this community going and bringing unity and connection virtually through our own brand of fun, weird, positive fitness.

The Next Generation Cheering Section

When we were meeting in person, we worked hard to get people to show up as often as possible and to help grow this community and more people at the workouts. Now we would love to have more people join us of course, but we fully understand that there may be other things that will take priority.

We love you THIS much!

So if you slept in, we hope that maybe it helped boost your immune system or maybe gave you a little more patience with other people. If you want to watch the video and do the workout later, go for it and let us know how it went. Look, while everything was normal we would be super strong about our recommendations that everyone just show up to every workout, but right now, just know we are here for when you can make it and we hope you don’t forget about us.

You are all amazing people. Be good, be safe and know we love you.

So know we appreciate and miss everyone who is a part of this community in any way you can connect with us, we are glad you are still here.

Group Photo

Be good to yourselves, treat yourself and have a wonderful day!
–Elin Flashman

We Missed You And That’s Okay!

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