We utilized the Winter Edition of the PR course this morning for both the 5 & 6AM groups, because we like it a lot, and also because that long bear crawl up North Street is a DOOZY 😉 Naturally everyone made it look easy, even amidst a few grumblings here and there. (And NO, it wasn’t Kristin this time, ha!)

A few people asked about the original PR course, which includes a healthy dose of bear crawls up Burial Hill and crab walks back down. We love that course, and we intend to use it again. It’s near and dear to our hearts. But this course offers different (yet equally as challenging) components that make you earn that new record you’re vying for at the end of each month. (Frog jumps are good for the soul, right?!)

A special piece to this workout is that we really do believe each person is FAST, FIT, STRONG, and the * SHIT. We are all vying for a new course record, whether that’s 4 complete rounds in 40 minutes or the full 5 complete rounds in less than 32 minutes. (Tribe member Beth, who is an incredible Iron Man athlete and is running the Providence Marathon as a training run next week, blazed through the course in 31:55! Matt wishes he could keep up with her!) Elise and Taryn also set 5 round PRs, amongst a few others.

PR day is meant to push you out of your comfort zone, and for those who came and conquered today, I salute you. PR or not, showing up and working out with this crew is what matters, and we appreciate you being here!!

It was a good day to breath in some warmer ocean air and run some fast times. We saw a new face at the 6AM workout, and she didn’t seem too scared by the end, which is always a good sign! The word seems to be trickling through the surrounding towns, and with that comes more energy and enthusiasm. I can’t wait to see what this tribe will bring all summer long.

Warmer Days and PRs Galore

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