We really enjoy having pop-ups as they allow us to explore new areas. We’re not bored by any means by the rock, but a new area means we can find unusual ways for people to think of their environment. Not sure anyone who was there today will think of the Plymouth Library in the same way and the idea of that makes us really happy.

Workout for all ages

It’s easy to get bored, to get stuck in a routine in your workouts and your lives. We call it falling asleep at the wheel and while sometimes that is necessary to get through life, we think it would be a travesty to find ourselves asleep and going through the motions of life for years at a time wondering how did we get there? That seems like a lot of missed opportunity. That being said, we don’t advocate focusing on the past, if it happened, so be it, don’t waste any more time, what can you do to make the present and future better?

We caught the Wild Mabb in her own habitat

Now we don’t propose that Plymouth Movez is going to be your one solution to fix everything, however we do think that the workouts and celebration of people and life we do are very useful to stay away in life. We don’t just do it out of the goodness of our hearts, we need you too. Creating workouts, joining in, taking pictures and being a part of this community is also keeping us awake and excited. So we hope we invigorate everyone who shows up and just know that you also invigorate us.

Infectious smiles everywhere

Thank you for showing up on your Labor Day Holiday and we hope to see everyone very soon. Like Wednesday, that seems like a good day. Say 6AM? At The Rock. See you there, friends!
–Matt, Beth and Elin.

Group Pic
Wake up!

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