There are some things we can always be certain about in life and no, we are not talking about Death and Taxes, you probably want to find another blog to talk about that stuff. We are talking about change and the passage of time. People often struggle with the idea of accepting that time happens, people age and that everything changes. I like to think that yes, some change can have sad moments, but that you can take time and change by the horns and have a good time along the way.

Alive and Untaxed

I know many friends who spend their time thinking about how they are getting too old to do X thing. Yes, time passes, we get older and we should be careful to avoid injury, but that doesn’t mean we should stop moving or stop living. You can choose to take your life and live it as fully as you can in fitness, in love and in shaping your life to be what you want. You start giving into the belief that you are too old for things, you may already have started dying. Sure, there are choices we make based on changing interests as we age, that’s fine. You don’t have to keep doing keg stands to prove you are not old, but you can choose to keep doing the things you love and make you happy. That is all we advocate. Find your inner fire and give it some air.

Justin taking life by the horns

Secondly as much as we love memories and want things to stay the same, change is constant in life. I often find that there are times, people and places in life that hit that magic spot of wonderful in my brain. It is easy to fixate on that and then only want that again and again. However that is the beginning of the end. If you only allow for those things, when things inevitably change you will be unhappy and then give up. However there is another way you can take it, you can still love those moments when you find them, but then you can look forward to seeing how things will change over time.

Grace is not afraid of new exercises

You can be an active part of the change, you can help make things give that same magic you experienced to new people. This applies to many things in life, but this is something I have seen in my years of working out with free fitness groups. If you decide that the best days are over, then your time will quickly be at an end, but if you become a part of that change, a part of the positive adoption to where change is happening, you can be part of making things better.

Paul climbing his way onwards

These might be big thoughts for the day, but they are ones I feel are present today. We have an amazing crew here at Plymouth Movez and I see the magic every workout and I promise you that if you don’t give up on the fire in you and embrace the change, you will be part of the magic that makes others excited to show up every week. Be the magic. Be the change. Be the best you that you can be no matter the age.

Monica doesn’t let life pass her by, she is here every week

On another note, next week on Wednesday, December 25th, Christmas day: It is our last Wednesday of the Month, which means PR Day workouts at 5AM and 6AM and it is also Christmas Day. There is no work to worry about and most of your family is still sleeping. Feel free to invite them to join or let them sleep and join us yourself. No matter what the weather throws at us, we have a workout ready to go and if the stairs are not safe, we’re ready with a winter workout we’re excited to share. So look at the weather to know what to wear and make your way to Plymouth Rock!

Group Photo

In addition, if the Buffs arrive on time (and they are scheduled to do so), we will have your free Plymouth Movez Buff for just showing up. This is one of ONLY TWO scheduled workouts you can ensure to get one. The second date is New Years Day. After that, we will be picking a random workout every month to bring them to until we run out. See the buff design below:

Designed by our very own Robin Hubley-O’donnell

So make your plans and see you next week, and if you’re really lucky we might have another surprise in store for you if you show up…
–Elin Flashman

Time And Change

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