Every Wednesday at Plymouth Movez each one of you votes with your feet. You get out of bed and show up. Sure some may have come to check us out for the first time (yay!) and some come back to join us for the promise of a hard workout, community and getting out of the daily grind of life. Every one who showed up today helped vote to keep this going strong. We see your vote and we appreciate it. It is this that keeps us going every week.

The voting block

Now next week is the last Wednesday of the month and that closes out our June Recruiting Challenge, so if you want a free tagged shirt, show up for your first time or bring a new friend. Secondly it is also our PR day with two workouts (one at 5AM and a second at 6AM). It’s a great challenge and not an easy course, but its one hell of an accomplishment no matter how far you get.

She got a free tagged shirt!

I am proposing that we make next week our Election Day. I want to see everyone who can find a way to make it, to show up and vote with your feet. I mean it, if you believe in what we are doing here, I want to hear it loud and clear by showing up and bringing anyone you can to join us. If you are intermittent and are not already committed, please come out and join us. If you can show up late to work, arrange it and come join us. If you are in the area but don’t have a way to get to the rock, message us and we can see what we can do to help.

This is how Taryn tells people she wants them to join us.

We have consistently been hitting almost thirty people every week and that is a great achievement, but we have a dream. We have a dream of getting those numbers to 50+ and we are not very far from that. If you have been here in the last two months you have seen the energy has been superb and we promise it will only get better with more people.

27 People strong with 5 newbies. So good.

So if you like what we are doing, we have one ask. Join us this next Wednesday at 5AM or 6AM and bring a friend or join us for the first time. I would love to run out of free shirts and owe some lovely people tagged gear.
Love from your friends,
Matt and Elin

The Voting Block

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