Today we’re keeping it simple. No big heart-felt wisdom to pass on this time. We do have something simple to say about today:

Working and smiling hard

It. Was. Fun.


It. Was. Lively.


It. Was. Community.

Celebrating Lynn and Bill’s Anniversary

If you were there, you know what we mean. If you weren’t check out the album. For those who can only join us for the summer, we are honored to have had you with us every week. We can’t wait to see you soon*. For the rest, see you next week for our PR Day workout with 5AM and 6AM workouts!

Monday, September 2nd on Labor Day we are hosting a Pop-Up workout at 6AM. Location will be announced next week and it’s a great opportunity to bring friends who can’t otherwise make it or are curious.

See you next week at 5AM or 6AM!

–Matt, Elin and Beth

The Penumbra of Fun

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