Some people love going to Vegas and gambling with their money and we’re not saying there is anything wrong with it. However I am pretty sure I can say the leadership of Plymouth Movez isn’t big on it. What we do gamble with is more that every Wednesday we will make workout plans, do everything in our power to be there and make it the best workout and community every week.

Justin Caught Gambling

In the more than two years we have been doing this I can say we really come out with more amazing days than we would have thought possible. I’ll be honest, and even though we are #weatherproof, and we will be there rain or shine, we may grumble a little a cold days for a moment when we get out of bed. But, even when the weather is not ideal, we get here and energy of of this community and the joy of seeing people we call friends show up makes it super memorable.

Donna Gives thanks for PM

Today was a day we were prepared for less than ideal weather. Threats of snow and sleet were forecasted when we checked, but that was okay. I can bet some people looked at that and thought it was a good day to skip, but as all of you who showed up saw, it was clear and actually warmer than we would expect for this time of the year.

The Family that works out together!

We had clear skies, we had Heads or Tails workout circuit that kept people on their toes, hands and back. It felt like an early celebration for Valentines Day with people cheering each other on to push through some hard exercises like Kick-Sits (brought to us all the way from Australia), Frog Burpees and sideways bear crawls. Maybe it was just us, maybe it was really something everyone felt, but love was in the air. The kind of love of community and chosen family.


So to our community, our family, we wish you a wonderful week whether you celebrate Valentines day or not, you make our lives better.

See you next week, friends!

The Gamble Of Free Fitness

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