Today was cold and that’s a big deal because last week was positively balmy in comparison. I love these extremes because those who show up really are the heart of this community. Without each of you who chose to come join us Plymouth Movez in the harsher weather we wouldn’t be here today. The specific people can change from time to time, but if you have made it in these conditions today or before, just know that you are part of the core, the heart of what drives this community so everyone can enjoy it.

The Building Blocks of Life

We’re not a running group, but I am going to run a little more with the body metaphors. Twenty-three people showed up today that really showed that they get what we’re about. Like the 23 pairs of chromosomes, each of them is the DNA that keeps it going for everyone. Maybe if you have been only coming when it’s warm or above a certain set of degrees, you might consider showing up, getting out of your comfort zone and help be one of our chromosomes, our DNA that makes it all worth it.

These chromosomes are organized and on point

We fully understand that sometimes even the most die hard members have work, health and family commitments that can get in the way of showing up. We’re not here to judge anyone, but we truly appreciate that you gave up your bed to show up and we will always have something good up our sleeves for you.

You don’t have to be on social media to be important to us. Monica rocks.

Today we had the YO-YO workout which challenged everyone to run a course of increasing repetitions, take stock of how they did in the first session and then see if they could start at the number they ended at and do it all in reverse and faster than the first time. Only Taryn managed to achieve it and she got a free buff in recognition of the hard work. However we saw every one of you who was pushing hard, who was doing whatever they could to get there and frankly that is something to be celebrated. We see you and we are honored to be in your presence.

Taryn pushing hard today

We appreciate each and everyone who has joined us and will join us in the future. It’s just that if we didn’t have this DNA, Plymouth Movez wouldn’t be worth running. We’re not worried by any means, we see this ever-shifting core group of amazing people and we know it is here to stay. I challenge each and every one of you to be a part of it. There is nothing like having shown up and earning that badge of honor of being truly #weatherproof.

Group pic featuring tongues out

How about we do it again next week? Let’s meet Wednesday at The Rock at 6am and see what happens.

–Elin Flashman

The DNA of Plymouth Movez

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