Today the stairs, sidewalks and other areas we normally use were treacherous enough that we immediately opted to update our plans for safety. This is something we always consider every workout and why we keep telling people to just show up. We’re not a running group or even a stairs workout group, we’re something far more flexible, we’re a fitness community. This means we will always have something planned for us to do as a workout, there is never a reason to have to face a boring treadmill when you show up to our workouts.

Today, we opted for a workout on our field of snow. Now we never said we would take it easy just because it was icy out, so we introduced you to snowy suicides* first. Then we explained we would be doing seven minutes of suicides, to which we are calling Sudden Death. We asked people to keep track of how far they got and then had them do it all over again, but trying to improve this time. Finally, and for good measure, we did one final Sudden death to make sure everyone stayed nice and warm in the cold morning.

Lastly, as we expected people were pretty tired and feeling spent, we offered people the option to either to race one last suicide as a race or to get on the sidelines and cheer people on. I have to say it really warmed my heart to see that the bulk of the group opted to race it out and those who cheered really put their hearts into it. The energy of this race was something we will remember for a long time. If you were there, you know what we’re talking about.

So yes, today was the day Plymouth Movez died, and then we got back up, dusted off the snow and went along our merry way. See you next Wednesday at 6AM at the rock. Just show up and remember we have your back when it comes to the workout.
–Elin Flashman

*No actual death or suicides happened today, only fitness related things happened today. We cannot speak to how sore you may be later today or tomorrow, however.

The Death* of Plymouth Movez

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