This morning was exceptionally good. It was a mix of reasons and it was none of those reasons. Let me explain.

The weather was better than we expected, above freezing. Looks it’s fine to be #weatherproof, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it when the weather is not so bad.

I call this look, Joy.

We had big groups at both the 5AM and 6AM and workouts, which meant the energy and competition was top notch. In fact the fastest PR of 31:55 happened at the 5AM group. It makes us happy because we want everyone to get the best experience they can with this community and they did. People were out of breath, pushing and being pushed.

So nice to see big groups in the winter

We got to introduce the newly updated Winter PR course to the group and even while it was simple enough to follow, so simply Michael asked us on the first loop if that was all. Don’t worry, when he finished he realized this course is actually harder and his heart rate was higher than with our regular course. It’s like we planned it or something. But yes, the course is designed so that it will be hard while still allowing us to run it under most winter conditions and when we can’t we will always have alternate workout options.

Frog Jumps are harder than you think

We saw the return of some really great friends. Look we talk a lot about consistency and #weatherproof and yes we hope the bulk of you take the challenge seriously. However, if you are away for a while, we’re not going to judge you. We’ll be to busy being happy to see you. Because this community is welcoming and we know many of you have other things in your life that may get in the way from time to time. However if you come back, we’ll be tickled fuschia to see you.

Welcome Back Michaela! We’re glad you’re here!

And yes all of that is good stuff, but what made it so good is not any one thing, it’s like fragrance of awesome that flows between all of that. Maybe it’s that we’re seeing people connect more with each other, making friends with new people. Maybe it’s something else that I cannot put my finger on no matter how much I try.

Joyce finishes and then goes back to cheer others on. That’s what we’re talking about!

But, it was so good it broke our webserver. And that has never happened before. Y’all are dangerous, but that’s okay. That’s how we like it, Safety Third.

5AM Yahoos
6AM Hoodlums

See you next week where Matt has to come up with a workout that doesn’t use even numbers, partners or new exercises!

Just kidding—Or am I? You will have to show up to find out.

–Elin Flashman

The Day We Broke the Internet

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