This Boston Marathon was this past Monday, and I was lucky enough to go spend it in Boston with some fellow PM tribe members. We participated in the morning November Project workout at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir — which turned out to be a memorable one! – and then wound our way over to Mile 18 in Newton to cheer on cyclists and runners. We found ourselves in the midst of the November Project cheering section on Heartbreak Hill – replete with cowbells, beers, donuts, and lots of positive bellowing. It was one of the coolest days in recent memory, and it set the tone for the rest of the week.

Future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades at the Boston Marathon.
Photo Credit to Kristin Mabb

That energy seemed to carry its way south down route 3 to Plymouth, and by 6:02AM Wednesday morning we had 26 people standing by the Rock, ready to move. We had some new faces, some veterans, and nice, clear skies. 
Twenty six people seemed like a fortuitous sign – what with the Boston Marathon bringing in many thousands of people from all over the world to run 26.2 miles through Boston.

The .2 person is there, we promise!

A bigger group made the workout more fun. We brought back the Yo-Yo workout, and challenged everyone to beat the number of rounds they did on the first set. Many laughed and cursed us in a loving way, but they all busted their rear ends on the final round, with many exceeding the number they reached on the first circuit. (Stair loops, hill repeats, push ups, and I’m-a-star burpees don’t get easier the more you do them!)

Mary is a Super Star

I was so impressed with the positive energy emanating from the whole group, and for the newbies it was nice to see their faces as they took in the whole experience – from the bounce all the way through the group photo and the birthday celebration. BTW – happy birthday week, Kathleen!!!
The weather is getting warmer, and the numbers are increasing. Our positive energy is starting to reach more people, and I can’t wait to see where we end up this summer.

See you next Wednesday for our PR (Personal Record) Day workouts at 5:00 & 6:00 AM! Until then have a great week,

The Day 26.2 People Showed Up

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