If you showed up today to the 6:00am workout, you know how special it was. Matt, talked about doing something like this almost a year ago and a few weeks back mentioned it again and began working on how he wanted to it on Christmas day. While I may have helped giving ideas, all that happened today was all him and it was perfect.

The Real Deal

He wanted to do it here because this community means the world to him. We write a lot about how we aim to bring this community together through free fitness, and that isn’t lost on Matt. He truly cares for everyone and he felt it was here with every one who was there that he wanted to declare his intention to ask Elise to marry him. If you were there, you helped make this really special. If you weren’t but you have come before, he meant for it to include you too.

Elise is looking confused

We appreciate you beyond belief and we thank you for showing up for more than just a workout. We see those of you who are injured and modify and we love and appreciate you. Seriously, thank you to everyone for being there today in person and in spirit.

Thank you for being there

Next Week is our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Two years since Matt decided to make Plymouth Movez happen in the dead of winter. In that honor will we have Free Plymouth Movez Buff’s for everyone who shows up for the workout. After this, we will pick a random workout every month to share buffs with anyone who didn’t already get one.

Also in celebration of our two year anniversary there will an evening workout and social coming soon . January is already pretty packed for people, so we will provide info on a final date in the near future. Keep your ears peeled.

Group Photo

See you next Wednesday, New Years Day at 6AM!
–Elin Flashman

If you haven’t seen the video, check out here.
The Christmas Proposal

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