We have been hosting Zoom workouts for a few months now and we have been working hard at keeping them interesting. We don’t really struggle with making them hard but Plymouth Movez has always been about harnessing more than just a hard workout. It’s been a challenge to really keep it feeling like a community and to get connection to happen. In many ways so far we have made it work decently. We get nothing will ever be the same as being back at the rock, but even when we can be out there again in larger groups (Mass state guidelines limit gatherings to groups of 10 or less right now) it still won’t be the same. However today was something special. Today it felt like we achieved a lot of what was missing, we had that magic moment. The Spirit of PM felt alive and we got to see personalities in the group shine. We had a shared goal that mattered and it wasn’t just counting down the time or rolling some dice. If you were there, I hope you felt it too. Let us know that it wasn’t just in our heads. If you weren’t it’s going to be hard to explain in much the same way it was hard to explain to people why Plymouth Movez was special to people who had never come to a workout at Plymouth Rock with us.

You want us to grab what?

Let me put it another way. when I was in college a professor once made the point that if you go to a museum to see a famous painting to get a postcard it and bring it to the museum. When you get to the painting compare the picture to what you see in person. All the differences are the reason it matters to go see it in the museum. All the details on the paint, how thick it is, if you can tell the brush strokes and imagine how it was painted, etc. All of it is what makes it special. I feel like today we crossed that boundary with the zoom workouts. What we brought today and what we hope to continue to bring are workouts aimed a achieving the same kind of energy and connection.

Love these Crazy People

What this means is we won’t be posting the workout details or videos anymore as they can’t really be replicated the same way. If you want to be a part of Plymouth Movez you will need to make the time and join us. We’d love to have you and we will welcome everyone no matter how long it has been with open arms and happy smiles.

With Love,
From Matt and Elin

That Magic Moment

3 thoughts on “That Magic Moment

  • June 24, 2020 at 10:00 am

    I love Plymouth Movz. It is a great community.

  • June 24, 2020 at 10:04 am

    Bill and I also noticed today was more interactive. It was great to hear folks talking. 😎. Kinda felt a little like old times.

    • June 24, 2020 at 6:05 pm

      Yup I agree I love Wednesday mornings with PM!


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