We have always believed in the idea that Plymouth Movez is primarily a free fitness community and because of that we will always have freedom to grow in ways other groups can’t. We don’t ask for money and are not tied to specific physical location. Sure we love working out at Plymouth Rock, but we’re not going to stop if for some reason that area is not available or a better location makes sense.

You can join us from anywhere you like.

The people who show up are the core of what makes this work. We are happy to to take on the challenge of designing workouts that will meet the goal of being hard enough and interesting enough to keep people coming back.

This new format we are doing also opens up new opportunities for new people to join us and that’s exciting. Got a friend who was jealous they didn’t have something like this in their hometown, invite them to join us! Today we had Carol’s daughter Rachel join us all the way from Philadelphia (Hi Rachel!) and it was lovely.

Action Shot

For anyone who is daunted by this new use of technology or just would like some assistance, please reach out to us anyway you feel comfortable. We are happy to help walk you through how to download and use zoom so that next workout you can join us in confidence. We genuinely mean this, even if you are totally new and have never come before, we would be happy to help! You can reach out via the Facebook page, on our personal accounts, or email us at [email protected]

They survived the workout. Who will survive next week?

Just remember as much as this is something we get a lot of thanks for what we do, we truly enjoy doing this and get as much out of it as you do. We care about this community and only want to see it grow because the more people, the more fun we can make it and also growth ensures we have good reasons to keep going. So get the word out and let’s keep the momentum going. Thank you very much everyone and have a great day! See you next week!

Click here see the video for the workout this morning with workout details.
—Elin Flashman

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