One of the reasons we always recommend you just show up is that aside from PR days you never know what we have in store for you. Matt and I decided since grade schools are getting out soon, we weren’t going to let them have all the fun and so we brought you our version of Field Day. Designed to be fun, weird and hard as hell, we hope that you enjoyed it.

Sack races today included real Burlap smell.

For anyone who didn’t make it, but wished they had, just get yourself to the workouts as often as you can because we rarely give hints and we believe in building memories for a lifetime. If you have never come it would be a good time to start, because when you do, you will wish you had come sooner. Today we had five new members to our fitness community and you can see in the pictures from today what they thought of it all. Plus they all left with a free tagged t-shirt.

We’re weird., we’re tough, we’re friendly and if you think you can’t do the workout, that is where you are wrong. Everything is scale-able and everyone is here to cheer you on. Come with a friend, come alone. Yes it will feel strange until we get moving, but we promise you by the end you won’t feel that way.

No fun was had.

Today was a day we have wanted to do for a long time, but it was one of those that we needed a bigger community to make it work. As we keep growing, more opportunities like these are possible. Keep up the good work recruiting and we can’t wait to see you next Wednesday at 6AM!

Happy Birthday Anna and Julie!

Yours truly,

Surprise, Field Day!

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