We are very happy to report that the new Winter Edition PR course has received rave reviews from everyone that tried it today. Don’t take our word for it, though. We put on our investigative journalist hats and get the tribe to say it in their own words:

“Bear Crawls really suck!” – Linda

We asked Linda what she thought of the course and Linda responded with, “Bear Crawls really suck!” However when we asked if she wanted more stairs instead, she said, “What? No, I hate stairs too!” — Yes we counted that as a win for the course.

“I don’t like Bear Crawls, but I dislike running too!” –Bill

We asked Bill his thoughts while he was busy bear crawling and he said, “I don’t like Bear Crawls, but I dislike running too! ” We quickly surmised that this was another happy tribe member, because we know the sign of a good workout is if you hate it in the middle of it. We know the post workout bliss will have them see the light of how good it was.

“This shit is good, yo!” -Kristin

Finally, we asked one of the long-time members, Kristin her thoughts about it. Now if you don’t know Kristin you should know she normally enjoys complaining about Burpees, Crab Walks, running, etc. She surprised us and said, “This shit is good, yo!” She proceeded to tell us how much better it was since she was, “all sunburned and shit!”

So there you go, we’re proud of all of you and we’ll be sure to bring this back next month so you can see if you can PR the course! Make sure to post your total loops or time if you completed five loops!

Until next week, see you at 6AM on Wednesday!


[Message from Plymouth Movez HR Jan: Neither Elin nor Matt actually documented anything, nor are they qualified to be Journalists or many other jobs. We are not responsible for what they write.]


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