Today we kicked off the June Recruiting Challenge with our two point plan. We love a good two point plan. It’s simple and to the point. In this case there is a carrot and a stick. We just hope that our tribe only has to use to stick to dangle the carrot.

We are growing and it’s only the beginning

The First point is that if you brought a new recruit or if you show up to our workout you earn a free tagged shirt. You can consider this the carrot as these tagged shirts are crisp and some of our best work, to make it worth it. We had three newbies today and we gave out six shirts. To those with the new #grassrootsgear wear it with pride. You earned the right to represent us anywhere you go. For a drinks with a friend. At yoga, for a run around Plymouth, etc.

Out free tagged shirt modeled by a local celebrity

The Second point in our plan is that we are betting with your lives (The stick) that we can recruit more new people to our workouts in the month of June than our sister #NP_Pledge tribe Fittsburg Project in Pittsburg, PA. The loser tribe will do a Sebastians workout, which is seven minutes of Burpees (it’s like seven minutes in fitness heaven). It’s a hell of a workout and we shouldn’t be afraid of it. It’s hard. Damned hard, but once you have done it, if you visit another tribe and they announce it, you will be able to know what to be ready for. We wouldn’t gamble if we didn’t think we have a fair chance to win.

Julie here is not afraid of jumping or Burpees

That being said, we had three newbies today. The Fittsburg Project had five. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing because that is just the start of the race and we know the demographics of the area mean that kids are out of school next week and that may free up many people who wanted to check us out but hadn’t found a way to make it work yet. Talk to your friends, talk to neighbors, talk to your mail person, talk to the dog walkers and invite them to join us. Want something to hand out? Just print out some recruiting papers and cut out the circular logos to keep in your pocketbook or wallet.

What a lovely group of hoodlums!

So, get out there and let’s keep the momentum going. See you next Wednesday at 6AM for our school’s out workout! (See how I make it look like we already know what we are doing?)

Sticks and Carrots

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