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Be patient, my friends.

There’s something special about what we’re building here and it’s not something we have highlighted before.

  • It’s not about how we believe in making hard workouts so that anyone who shows up will be able to get in a hell a of a challenge.
  • It’s not about how anyone will naturally scale based on speed or modify the workout as needed when coming back from injury or whatever reason.
  • It’s not that we celebrate everyone who shows up and will post pictures of the workout that capture the energy of the tribe.
  • It’s not that we offer workouts for zero dollars and truly don’t want your money
  • It’s not even that we see amazing sunrises.
  • It’s not… etc., etc., etc.
No, not this either.

It is about how we are trying to build a community here, but not in the way we have talked about before. Previously we talked about how we want to connect people and make real connections with each other and get to know the kind of people who make it back week after week. However having been a part of similar tribes in the past there is one aspect that I want to highlight. We want to shape and help create a space where not only are we welcome to new people, but we are willing to break out of social circles we may have formed.

We are not saying that having close friends is a problem, it is not. We simply suggest that you should continue to give everyone a chance. Sometimes the kind of workouts we create may help forge connections you never thought possible. We truly believe that you could recruit people who you don’t normally get along with and leave with someone who might be a new friend. This is something I have seen many times before, because we are connecting people and sharing experiences together with challenges, laughter and everything in-between.

We also believe that positivity and kindness is infectious and we all can be better people every day and we all deserve a chance to change and be accepted. We’re not promising that your mortal enemy will become a saint by coming to the workouts, but we’re saying that if it does, shouldn’t you be open to it?

Now these musings are not due to anything we see here and now, but there are ones that we think about when we try to ensure we have a tribe of people that really get what we’re about and are willing to give everyone a chance to be better.

The 5:00 AM group Photo
The 6:00 AM group photo
Something Special
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