The community we’ve built here in Plymouth has grown in the last year, with friendly faces coming and going, mainstays leaving their positive imprint, and a general feeling of unity permeating the workouts every Wednesday. But the one thing I’ve grown to love and appreciate above all else is the little relationships that have been created, and the small acts of generosity that are sent and received with little to no fanfare.

Sweat and connection in action

Take Monica, for example. She’s been coming for a full year now, and typically makes it to at least three workouts a month, sometimes all four or five, depending upon if it’s a Leap Year not. (That’s how it works, right?)

Monica at her first workout a year ago

During her first workout she tripped and fell during our game of capture the flag, cutting up her hand in the process. I remember vividly her getting back up, dusting herself (and the splotches of blood) off, and continuing to run around tagging and ducking her community members. It was pretty awesome stuff.

When Monica is there, she’s quietly high fiving people, giving out words of encouragement, in a truly genuine and compassionate way. You can tell she means everything she says. 

Last week, she dished out a compliment to one of her passerby athletes during PR day, and lo and behold she single-handedly put a smile and a tear of joy on that person’s face. That’s the kind of stuff that happens regularly at our workouts, because all of us together have created a safe and welcoming place to workout, have fun, and meet new people.

We’re glad you were there

I love that we’ve grown over the last year, but I truly admire all the community members who show up not only to get in a good workout, but to connect with other badass humans and help make the world a little better of a place.

Yes, we posed with the statue’s butt.

See you next Wednesday at 6AM friends,

Small Gestures

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