Matt and I absolutely love this tribe. We enjoy coming up with new workouts each week and we no-so-secretly enjoy when people are struggling but end up with a smile every time. We enjoy seeing people connect and get to know each other by showing up every week. We seek to make each album a little special as well as capturing new and regular members every week.

That being said, we have plans and dreams. One of them is to grow our tribe. We have been averaging about twenty people a week and to be clear, if that is all we ever get to, we’ll be here every week. However, we believe that we can grow this group and that larger groups open up opportunities for workouts and for getting more of mix of genders (including non-binary people), which we think only makes the race more fun. If we can grow our Wednesdays from 20+ to 60-70+, we can begin to consider additional workout days like Mondays, Fridays or even formalizing a regular 5:00AM workout.

She may also be planning and dreaming…

What does this mean for you? Well over the summer we will be working on initiatives and ways to help get the word out to people about what we do. Many people who are interested are uncertain about if they could do the workout and as any of you who have worked out with us, it is absolutely possible for anyone to join. Of course, the easiest way is for you to recruit people you already know or those acquaintances who might be interested but not know about what we offer for $0. Also we’re open to ideas for getting the word out.

Recruit Everyone

First of all, for people who say they want to check us out, we’re having a pop-up workout on Memorial Day Monday. (May 27th) at 6:00AM. The workout will be at Gray’s Park Beach in Kingston. Everyone is welcome to join in rain or shine.

Group Pic

We will be posting more information on incentives in the coming weeks.
Until then, Have a lovely day!

Size Matters and Pop-Ups

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