We’re still super excited about this morning. In this month we reached record numbers and increased our regular attendance. You can see that as the workouts do take on some really fun energy when the group is bigger and we can handle a lot more people. Today was a busy one. We updated the PR day course to accommodate more people. We took our Yearbook Photos so that people will be able to better get to know each other as we grow. We were happy to finally give the stickers out to everyone. We had dual birthday celebrations (HBD Taryn and Janet!) last but not least we gave out the positivity award to David. It was a day to remember—Okay enough memories, back to the future, friends!

So much energy in one place

We’re going to keep this post brief so that we can focus on working hard on the Yearbook Photos. Look for album to drop at sometime in the next week or so. Look out for hints to be dropped as we get close to finishing them.

our Six and five AM group photos

See you next week at our our regular Six AM Wednesday workout, stay cool, friends!
–Elin and Matt

Short And Simple

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