Elin, Beth & myself showed up to the Rock this morning ready to rock and roll, anticipating a few snowflakes but relatively warmer temps. Well, one quick navigation of the course led to us slipping and sliding a bit, so we had to make some tweaks. Anytime we have to modify a workout we hope it works out and the community enjoys the workout, but when it comes to ice we have to play it as safe as possible (safety usually third, right?!)

The gathering

Today’s modifications led to a shorter-than-planned route, but because of some legitimate skating portions of the sidewalks, the tempo was still where we wanted it. The 25 souls who showed up today embraced the ice and cold, and truly made the best of it. The weatherproof moniker is no joke, and those that came today didn’t turn around and go home when they started sliding a bit. They played it safe, but grinded through a fun workout even in those conditions.

Girl got ups

Elin brought his plastic adirondack chairs back for a fun obstacle twist, and we got some sweet photos of some badasses jumping over the chair. You guys never disappoint.

Boy got ups

We closed everything out with some free buffs, because like Elin said, we still want to give them out here and there to those who didn’t make it to a workout during the holidays. We had two new faces today, so those two newbies (plus OG, Colleen) competed in a frog jump contest to earn a buff. The race was electric, so Elin decided to give all three a new Plymouth Movez buff. Well deserved to all.

Ribbit Race

Lastly, we had a Positivity Award recipient today, and it was someone who has quietly been doing a lot for this community since the very beginning. She is someone who messaged me two years ago when I first started this community and showed her support.

Robin getting the Positivity Award

Her name is Robin, and she is the creative soul who helped design our buff. Robin has been coming for quite some time now, and she travels all the way from Falmouth. She moves her schedule around to make it, even when the variables are working against her. We’re so grateful to have Robin in this community, and we’re so glad she was here today to receive the award.

Group Photo

It was an icy wonderland this morning, and we all made it an enjoyable one. I say thank you to an incredible group once again.

Safety Third: Ice, Obstacles & Free Buffs

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