It has been quite a few weeks since we’ve handed out the Plymouth Movez Positivity Award, and that’s not such a bad thing. The award itself is a cool honor, because it gives us a chance to show our appreciation for what that person brings to the tribe.

Linda has been coming to Plymouth Movez since the 1990’s

There are no physical requirements to receive the shiny blue baton. You don’t have to check off speed, strength, or agility boxes in order to be recognized. What you have to do is be someone who shows up to our workouts inspiring others; or supporting each person with high fives and words of encouragement; or simply being the quiet, stoic type who shows up week after week ready to work hard for 45 minutes, no matter how crazy and difficult the workout is. The person who gets it has all the intangibles that keep this tribe together and going strong. They’re the glue. If you come to a workout and soak everything in, you could probably pick out some of our previous honorees.

Our Positive Community

This week, Linda received the award. Linda is a quiet, benevolent human who doesn’t stand out with a loud personality. She just continues to show up every week, working hard while letting her presence be felt in her stoic, non-obtrusive way. If she can’t make it to a workout, she typically sends us a message, letting us know that she won’t be there. She can count on us being there every Wednesday, and we can count on her to be supportive and positive no matter what. I’m glad Linda is here. And I’m glad I get to show up every Wednesday to a community full of people like Linda.

Until next week,
Matt West

Positivity Award Returns

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