Not everything about Plymouth Movez is perfect, sometimes we learn some bad habits. All knowledge gleaned from Plymouth Movez over the nearly two years of workouts. See if you agree.

  • Getting lucky often means more stair loops
They got lucky!
  • Greetings between members of this community involves burpees
  • If there are dice at a workout it means we can’t blame the leaders for the resulting hard work
Games of chance
  • Neon looks good and spandex is good stuff
  • It’s okay to swear at 6AM on Wednesdays
  • Want to spruce up your wardrobe? Bring a shirt or whatever else you want tagged to a workout and get it stenciled for free
  • Sometimes we hug or high five in the mornings and sometimes the leaders forget to remind us to do it
  • Want to feel like you can take on the world, show up to a workout in bad weather
  • It doesn’t matter anymore when sweaty pictures of me are posted online, because if they were selected, they are something to write home about
  • No one really gets what Plymouth Movez is until they show up. Many people make excuses not to go, but when they do, they wish they had just shown up sooner
  • You may begin to speak in hashtags.  #HashtagEverything #Hashtag
  • You will always be hungry on workout days.  #EatEverything
  • You begin to look forward to Wednesdays and even waking up early
  • You look at people in awe who have been awarded the Positivity Award
  • You only look at the weather forecast to plan what to wear in the morning
  • You gain confidence in yourself and start celebrating everyone around you even at work–when they might look at you funny and you don’t care
Looking good Cathie!
  • You learn to love and appreciate how good people and the world can be and you try to be the best you can be to those around you
Gang of Yahoos

Well that’s all we got for now. Feel free to comment with anything we left out. Next week is our Thanksgiving PR DAY workout with two workouts at 5AM & 6AM.
–Elin Flashman

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