The pillars around Plymouth Rock symbolize a lot of things for a lot of people. To me, they symbolize the core group of people who show up to our weekly gatherings – no matter what. The frigid temperatures don’t scare them away. The rain and snow don’t keep them in bed. The ice doesn’t make them steer clear of outside fitness. They completely embody what we originally strived to create: a free fitness community of people that JUST.SHOW.UP.

A little snow never keeps these people away

This morning was beautiful; the snow was drifting down in slow, peaceful droplets; the air was crisp; and the ground was warm enough to sprint up and down the stairs and North Street hill. We put together a workout centered on rock-paper-scissors that had us doing hill repeats, upper body work, stairs and burpees. We kept warm, and if we tied we got to do a social lap, chatting with our partner and dishing out smiles and high fives to other community members. 

A Social lap

Elin gathered everyone for a picture in front of the famed Rock, and talked about how appreciative we are for those that came today. He also discussed the new Plymouth Movez Buff we’re going to be unveiling Christmas Day [Assuming it arrives on-time], which we can’t wait for everyone to see. (It was even designed by one of our very own!!) 

A little preview of the Buff designed by our own Robin Hubley-O’donnell

The pillars were there today, in all their hardworking, caring, and smiling glory, and helped make it a beautiful day to be alive. We’ll see you next week for a fun themed workout. Love you all!

Pillars of our Community


Pillars of Plymouth Movez

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