We threw down with hard work and the people who showed up made it look easy. If you were there you know what we’re talking about. The energy was electric at both workouts this morning. But we’re not going to bore you with those details as we have more important things to get to:

First: If you were at the workout and took home a gift, take a look inside for a message from us. See the album for how to find it.

Second: On Saturday, January 26th at 6PM (Yes, PM!) we are meeting for a special workout and ending at an undisclosed location for a social celebration with drinks. Save the date and expect more details soon! Got friends who can never make the morning workouts, this is their chance. Everyone is welcome.

Third: On January 30th, during our PR day we will be taking Yearbook Photos of everyone who attends. Yes, there will be a theme. These will be badass, a little weird and extremely funny depending on your creativity. Details to be released as we get closer.

Bellow are the people who earned a free tagged Beanie. We will let you know once they are available.
Grace Adams
Kara Pomeroy
Shannon Kiely
Taryn Paronich
Elise McAllister
Kathleen Cogswell
Kristin Mabb
Linda O’Connell
Lynne Supple

The people below earned beanies as well as an extra overachiever award of a Drink or other surprise on us at the January 26th Event.
Andrea Pitty
Carole Bambrick
Lauren Adams
Michelle Sheridan
Monica Coven
Steve Infa

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One Year + Important News

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