So, we got through our January celebrations and you might think that we don’t have much else up our sleeves. Maybe you showed up today or maybe you slept in.

Workout Sleight of Hand

If you showed up, you understand that no matter what, we always have a plan and that it’s going to be hard, weird and fun. With bunny hops up the stairs, partner butt wipes on the field and hoisties, you know we don’t stop. We won’t stop.

For those that didn’t show up, know this, we love to challenge this tribe and to have a creative itch to scratch. Don’t worry we washed our hands. We’re here every week and there’s always something afoot. All you have to do is show up and get ready to move.

Now some of you have heard we sometimes have pop-up workouts where people who can’t attend due to work and other commitments can join us. If you’re waiting for another, mark your calendars, because we are having a Pop-up workout on President’s Day, Monday February 18th, at 6am! Location will be announced next week, but now is the time to plan to be there and invite friends to join us.

Until next week, friends!

The Tribe
Nothing Up My Sleeve–Poof!
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