In deeZ strange timeZ
It is good to knowZ
Every WedneZday at Zix AM
You know where we willZ be

Turning on our phoneZ
and our laptopZ
Logging into Zoom

Getting our KickZ in

Ready to Bounce
Ready to workZ
our AZZes off

There’Z Beth, Matt and Eee-lin!
They tell me to do whatZ?!
Okay, that’Z weird but OK
That waZ harder than exZpected

Our Workout Anagram

Now time to reZt
Sing Happy Birthday
And take the group PhotoZ.
Is it bedtimeZ Yet?

Okay, so maybe we won’t quit our day jobs, but if you were there this morning or have watched the video, you might understand our Z fascination (Thanks Michelle!)

Come back next week for good, clean, (as our HR Denise would like us to say) fun workout.
–Elin Flashman


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