We super love Halloween workouts because you never know what to expect. Some people go all out with wigs and crazy outfits. Some of them we didn’t recognize right away until later in the workout. Some do us the honor to just show up and be a part of whatever happens. In the end, it’s a fun spectacle for all.

Kelly goes all out

It’s also PR Day where everyone shows up and throws down to see how well they can take on our course. Running, bear crawls, crab walks burpees and stairs sound so simple until you experience them in the way we design it to go. Three burpees, pshaw! that’s easy! Until it’s the second or third loop of the course and they don’t seem simple anymore.

Excellent Burpee form Naomi

And the costumes are getting better. Someone even reported a ghost or spirit may have visited us– in the shape of an older woman with a white coat, khakis and a bowling ball bag. If so, the word is getting out about what we are doing and it’s even crossing over to the other side. We’ll take the bragging rights that we know spirits have their choice of workout groups to visit near Halloween, but they chose us today!

Group Photo merge of 5AM and 6AM

And with that we’ll see you next week at 6AM are our Rocky little home in Plymouth and reiterate that EVERYONE is welcome. Dead or Alive.


Mic Drop

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