There are some workouts that I always remember, even years after having done them only once. Today will be one of those days. When Kristin and Michelle are in their 90’s and reminiscing about the good old days the conversation might go something like this:

Kristin: “Hey Misha, remember that day at Plymouth Movez where they asked us to write down our cell phone numbers and we didn’t question it, we just did it?”

Michelle: “Oh to Emm to the Gee! Of course I do. We crumpled them and put them in that cowboy hat. And then we picked a number and had stations laid out like a telephone?”

Even when your memory gets full, you will remember this day.

Kristin: “Fo’ sure, my Mishi! The craziest one was the stage one where we had to belt out song lyrics like a rock star!”

Michelle: “Haha, and you got my number with all the sixes which meant you had to do like 36 loops of stairs!”

Kristin: “Yeah, that must have sucked– But not as bad as the burnout where Carol had to do 200 burpees!”

Michelle: “True, glad they let us help by doing some of her burpees for her between rounds of Bear Crawls… Oh hey, can I tell you a secret Krissy?”

Kristin: “What? Yes! Tell me already!”

Michelle: “I have a secret hot tub in my room. I have had it for years.”

Kristin: “Is that why you still never invite me over? Jeeez!”

Kristin and Michelle might bicker, but they love each other to death.

We can tell you that when you get old what matters most are the memories and connections you make, not how much you worked how much money you made. Come make some memories with us and you can bet when they get older Kristin and Michelle will still be stopping by the workouts.

“I want to rock and roll all night and party every day”

With that, see you next week for our Winter PR day with 5AM & 6AM workouts!

–Elin Flashman

Memories For A Happy Retirement
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