How many workouts do you remember from your time at the gym? How many runs are super memorable? Sure, you might remember specific races or the shenanigans after a race, but sometimes the day to day exercises mesh together over the years. There is nothing wrong with that. Who wants to remember every minute of every mile? I wouldn’t. But at Plymouth Movez, we think we can make workouts special. We enjoy when we can help people work hard, laugh, connect with people and leave with a super positive outlook. Taking that with you for the rest of the day we think makes a better week everyone you encounter.

And they’re off!

Today, like always, we had a good, hard workout ready for everyone, but we got a little inspiration and ran with it. We found super cheap serving plates (they are Chargers according to some very detailed people), discussed a stupid crazy idea of putting pictures of our faces and butts on them and using them to have people find out what circuit they do next. We learned a lot doing this. Dollar stores are amazing, of course. We learned the south shore has 24 hour photo printing that you can submit online. And we learned that we love stupid ideas that make us smile.

Joyce Taking A Chance

We hope those who showed up enjoyed it half as much as we did. And just know you will never know what will happen every week (except PR Day, but even that has different energy every month), so you best arrange to show up every time you can.

We believe we can fly

Thanks to Lauren for being a good sport doing burpees while we sung Happy Birthday to her (slowly, of course).

See you next Wednesday at 6AM!
–Elin Flashman

Making Heads Or Tails

One thought on “Making Heads Or Tails

  • August 14, 2019 at 8:22 pm

    Fun morning. Thanks for making it worth getting up early : )


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