Life is messy. We have great days intermixed with really tough days. Overall no one has a perfect life, and many of us unknown to others around us face great struggles or the weight of major responsibilities. Now we’re not looking to bum you out or anything, but we believe in honesty. We’re a highly positive group, but that doesn’t mean we need to ignore or avoid the fact that life can be tough.

Bear Crawling up hill (both ways)

However I do believe that what we do bring to the table for everyone is a place where they know that no matter what challenges life throws at you, you will be welcomed. We will be happy to see you and we will provide you a hard workout intermixed with fun, community and let’s face it, a lot of sweaty hugs.

Keep Pushing, it’s never easy, but together we can do amazing things.

We understand the power of endorphins from a hard workout will help you put into perspective that if you can get through whatever we have chosen to throw at you, then anything else will be easier in comparison. We also get that going through challenging workouts help you feel tough enough to handle just about anything. And frankly we hope that the positivity of the group and the free hugs will help fill up your reserves so that maybe when things are tough you will remember us and perhaps even make the day a little easier.

The 5:00AM workout may be small but super fierce. One of us has been working out with Plymouth Movez since before their pregnancy and is due very soon. (Psst. it’s Matt)

Finally, we call this a tribe and it’s not because we are planning to have you come workout in face paint and grass skirts (although that would be awesome!) but because we believe we are more than just some free boot camp. We believe that the connections you make here are strong and that this tribe genuinely cares for everyone who shows up. So if you are a regular keep showing up, you are helping all of us in ways you can’t easily see. If you are infrequent, we still love you and welcome you to come as often as you can. And if you have never joined us, don’t you think you deserve to be appreciated without judgement just for showing up?

One seriously tired group photo.

All the best and have a great day. See you next Wednesday at 6AM at The Rock!

Life is Messy

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