We are living through interesting times. There are heavy things happening in the world today. Many are coming out of really rough situations and we are being asked to look inward and maybe re-consider our own assumptions about how we knew things worked. It’s important and it can still a lot to handle all at once. In light of all these are still doing virtual workouts we fully get they will never be the same as when we were doing workouts at The Rock in person with hugs and high fives.

Praying for the end or just Squat Kneels

However, I do consider our Virtual workouts to be a lovely reset to my week. I always leave with a huge smile on my face and serious need for a shower. I feel the tired muscles throughout the day and I can’t forget that it is Wednesday. In time I expect we will be back and it will still be different as we need to follow the social distancing requirements placed on us. I can tell you that we will rather err on the side of caution than rush into a risky situation, but we will not be unreasonable.

Wounded Warrior, one of the strange and hard exercises today

So Let’s keep this community strong and remember we are not just here as sweaty friends. Reach out to each other, get to know each other. Be friends on Facebook, Instagram or whatever works for you and reach out to them. If someone today really helped you get through the workout, send them a message saying so. If you really enjoy what they post, let them know. You might make a new friend to meet up with when we can safely do so again.

So tired all we can do is think

So sally forth and do good in the world, share your positivity and help those around you. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also talk about the hard things going on in the world. It just means that sometimes a little positivity and kindness between people helps us to what we have to do every day.

All the best to you and yours until next week,
–Elin Flashman

Interesting Times

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