Personal Record day at Plymouth Movez is a chance for each and every community member to push a little harder, dig a little deeper, and find that extra wind that they never knew they had. The only way we can really grow and improve in life is to get out of our comfort zone, stretch ourselves past what we thought was possible, and embrace the unknown. To get 5 loops under the 40 minute threshold on the PR course is not easy, but it’s attainable and with a little extra focus and effort many can and will achieve it. Today we offered a little incentive for everyone who PR’ed and that made all the difference.

Just a few bears on Cole Hill

Today, we had Kristin show up at the 5AM group with a little extra zest in her step. She started out with the front group, and hung on for the entirety. Kristin finished 5 loops JUST over the 40 minute barrier, which was a major personal record for her. She’s always been capable of it, but for whatever reason has never felt that inner push to redline and see what she could unleash. Well we got to see her inner badass today on the course, and it’s a truly special thing when we get to see our potential unfold in front of admiring community members. We’re here to help everyone push hard and enter that zone where progress and change happens. 

Kristin, Badass for hire

Overall, we had 14 people achieve PRs today, which is amazing. These things don’t happen every week, because it’s hard to push past your previous limit. It can be nasty business to sweat a little extra, get more grass and mud on your hands from Coles Hill, and feel that burn in your lungs and legs. Sitting at your desk later that day, and reflecting on what you achieved in the morning, is pretty damn sweet. 

These humans are no joke

Finally just want to remind you that while many of your earned some sweet Plymouth Moves swag, the fact that we had so many people PR is all to your credit. You made the choice to keep going every time you might have not pushed as hard in the past. Even those who didn’t PR today, we saw everyone taking the challenge seriously. There was something special in the air today and it was all in your spirit. To everyone who showed up today, we’re proud Leaders and we believe in you.

These humans are all jokers

Can’t wait to see all of you next Wednesday at 6AM at our home, The Plymouth Rock.
–Matt West


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