We may stand with attitude, but we have hearts of gold.

I’m glad you’re here. It’s a simple phrase that we ask you to say when you hug or high-five someone at our workouts. First time I was asked to do the same, I totally thought it was cheesy and felt resistant to doing something so fake. However it didn’t take long, one or two hugs later I totally felt that I really was glad the person in front of me was here.

It’s all about helping shape the culture of our tribe to be welcoming to everyone. Everyone who shows up, who makes that choice to get up early and check out this group of yahoos is already exceptional and determined. If we welcome them with with excitement, in just a few weeks they could become a good friend who you will look forward to seeing every week. So, yes we welcome every one of any age, any fitness level and we’re always glad they’re here.

Everywhere else in our daily life we’re wary of strangers. We are suspicious when someone is too friendly. We put on our headsets, look into our phones, use the old school Boston scowl that says, “leave me alone.” But from experience of doing morning free fitness, there are very few people who commit to joining that you need to worry about. Most grumpy and mean people would rather sleep in than wake up and be around such a big, friendly and fun group. The few that show up, rarely show up more than once, and even smaller the ones who do come back may be looking to change their perspective and who is to say they don’t deserve to be welcomed?

Plus who doesn’t deserve to join us and be celebrated in pictures for the hard work they put in every morning. We don’t care what you do for work, we just remember that awesome picture of you doing amazing things.

Steve has up
Linda does too

The leave behind on this message is that you don’t have to just be that way here. Try it out in the rest of your life. Connect a little more, help people smile. Do something nice for others. The world could use a little more kindness… and when they ask why… recruit the hell out of them! Just kidding–maybe.

Tomorrow night, if you’re around tomorrow night and not already planning to check out Running Around Plymouth’s Annual celebration, you should consider joining. Matt and I will be there. Starts with a run and then ends at Tavern on the Wharf at 7PM. More details at:

And don’t forget on January 26th, at 6Pm, our Downtown Safari. For details, see:

I’m Glad You’re Here!
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