So last week I threw out my back and have been recuperating slowly. Yes it happened Wednesday and while I do think the workout played a part in it as my back was tired, I believe that working on a kitchen chair on an old slanted floor on that did me in. Now that’s not really what I wanted to focus on, but this was the springboard for today’s workout because while I don’t think the workout was to the reason, it did get me thinking about how can we work on helping people work with better form to avoid injuries and get better results from our workouts.

Up on the ceiling, it’s a bird—no it’s bug. nevermind.

So that is where the idea taking complex workout exercises and deconstructing them into their elements came from. Some of the sequences we did today were simple, just a focus on calves and how we use them to jump. We first did each sequence with a 30 second timer for each portion and told people to use this round to focus on form and consider where they thought they could improve. Then we asked people to go all out for a minute on each exercise, still with a focus on form but with more intensity. I also reminded people that if they needed to slow down or take breaks to ensure good form, that was recommended.

That’s a hell of an ab workout Beth!

The goal was to make this week both hard and informative about how we care about form while still getting a hell of a hard workout. A lot of these simple movements when tied together into a progression will leave you worn out at the end.

Think about any other exercises you struggle with and think about how you could break it down into it’s components or find laterally similar exercises that will keep you working to improve. You can even apply this to other aspects of life. Almost anything daunting can be broken down into smaller pieces and built into manageable morsels.

Sometimes the workout is so circular.

Okay, well that was not the jaunty little blog post I first expected to write, but I’ll be frank, I often don’t know where these will go, but I aim to write from the heart. Thanks to those who read through and know that this community still makes our week so much better. If you haven’t yet joined us virtually, please do, it’s truly worth it. And if you’re at all uncertain, reach out on facebook, instagram or you can email us at info @ and we would be happy to help in any way we can to answer your questions or help you get comfortable with Zoom.

The goat didn’t get the memo.

Until next week my friends,

I Like Your Form

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