Life is full of opportunities and memories are what you make when you take full advantage of them. The Memorial Day holiday is a somber one to remember those who died in the Armed Forces. We give thanks for those that did and those who serve and we do it in our own way. We offered a free workout that even military people would find to be a good challenge and we do it with positivity and teamwork.

No helmets needed here

So for all of you who showed up and took the challenge know these workouts are designed to be hard enough to be respected by those in the armed forces. Now they might complain that there is too much hugging and not enough yelling, and we’re okay with that. I saw a group of people who really pushed hard even though it was getting very hot, and the sand made every step that much harder. Every one who was there was struggling and that is the sign that you are giving it all you got.

Sunny has ups.

So enjoy your holiday, you earned it!.

Holiday Earned

Wednesday is PR Day (Always on the last Wednesday of the Month) so that means we have two workouts, one at 5:00AM and one at 6:00AM. Study the course below and be ready to go! –Elin

Honoring Memorial Day with Our Sweat

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