How Gritty is Yours?

NO EXCUSES: Today’s group proved to be the toughest around

Every Wednesday morning in front of Plymouth Rock with this tribe is a good day. Whether we have a big group or a small contingent – or the workout doesn’t go as planned – being there every week no matter what is a precious thing to me, and I look forward to each one.

BUT…some days will be more memorable than others. That’s just a fact. Today, for instance, we showed up to 18 mph winds and slashing rain. It was also fairly cold. It wasn’t Top-of-Mount-Washington level bad, but still, it was the type of weather that keeps most people in bed until the last possible second.

Splish Splash, it’s like we’re taking a bath

We challenged the tribe to some sprints (into the aforementioned wind!) and frog jumps as a warm-up; a 20-minute circuit with hill repeats, push-ups, and jump squats; and a good ol’ stair celebration burnout, with stair repeats and a burpee at the top thrown in for good measure. Everyone was drenched fairly quickly, but all I saw were smiles, determined faces, and high fives galore.

In addition, we were able to celebrate tribe member Kathleen, both with the positivity award as well as a very kind and unique gift. (The gift was done entirely by tribe members, and it couldn’t have been a nicer sentiment!) Kathleen has been showing up consistently, making her pregnancy look easy, and never making any excuses. She is an inspiration to many, and one of the key members of this tribe. We are so glad Kathleen is here, and we celebrate her for her unbridled determination and positivity.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor pregnancy stays this Tribe member, Kathleen, from the swift completion of her appointed Plymouth Movez Workout.

Toughness comes in many forms, but the individuals who showed up today are some of the grittiest, most hard-nose folk I’ve ever encountered. I tip my soaking wet cap to each and every one of them, and hope more people show up to workout with these awesome humans.

See you next Wednesday at 6am,

The Tribe is Strong
Gritty Hard Noses

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