Get your smart glasses, your white coat and notebook because this we don’t want to talk about your body (don’t worry, your body is just fine), we want to engage your sexy brains. Ready? Okay, here we go. So the next six workouts at Plymouth Movez will be slightly interesting. Those of you who were there today got to see that daylight has been creeping up and sunrise is getting earlier and earlier. Its about to get wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.

The Dark Side

Now seeing the light, hearing the birds is pretty cool and it makes for some amazing sunrises during the workout with great photos. Today sunrise was at 6:32am and it will continue arrive earlier every Wednesday until March 8th, when Daylight Savings Time is going to help us travel forward one hour into the future. Why does that matter? We’ve done it for a long time, no? Well, yes, but maybe you hadn’t thought of how that next Wednesday the sunrise will show up at 6:58am after our workout.

Workout with a View

And we could focus on the less than positive aspects, but that wouldn’t be very much what this community is about. Instead we get to explain to you how this means we get to have ANOTHER month of amazing sunrises. Who doesn’t want to work hard, sweat and bask in the glow of a stupendous sky? Exactly–and you’re welcome.

We love that time just before sunrise

So if you’ve been coming, keep at it and enjoy the ride. If you haven’t come for a while, this might be the time to return and make it a regular part of your weekly routine. Finally if you’ve been looking at the pictures and reading the blog and thinking about showing up, we suggest you just do it. (Bill, this means you) Once you have been to a workout up you will wish you had come earlier, so why not just commit and do it now.

We’re serious about racing

And if you’re one of those who just cannot make it due to work or find yourself getting stuck to the bed sheets (Chris?), then we have a pop-up workout coming on Saturday, March 14th at noon. More details to be released in the coming week.

Dance Party

Okay, so next week is PR Day with our two workouts at 5AM and 6AM. Can’t wait to see you there!

Getting Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey

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