We’re now in Week 2 of virtual fitness, and it’s been nice to see more people willing to adapt and try this new medium. Yes, it’s different, and it’s certainly not the same as our in-person workouts, but we believe it’s so important to maintain the presence of our community, and the Zoom workouts allow us to stay connected in the sweaty way we like and appreciate so much.

I look into your virtual soul.

We added a few faces this week, and the (quiet) energy was palpable and invigorating. We had a choose-it dice workout, with two exercise options per number, and a two-minute interval for each throw. We bear crawled, burpee’d, and tricep dipped in our living rooms or home gyms, with dogs and young ones making an appearance. It’s so fun to see everyone in their homes, waving and moving and smiling back, making the best of a unique situation.

Brand Ambassador

Because we truly don’t know how long this situation will last, and it’s not worth speculating every minute of every day. For many of us, staying present with fitness is a great way to be alive and connected with the outside world, and we will be here to continue to come up with quirky workouts that make you happy you showed up.

Be careful holding the community Isla!

Thanks for another great week, and I believe we can continue to get more to show up and enjoy this experience with us. 

Click here see the video for the workout this morning with workout details.
–Matt West

Getting Dice-y With It

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