In a world where it seems all anyone wants is your money, this tribe on the south shore just wants to bring you hard workouts, a strong community and they want to do it for $0. That might be our movie trailer introduction, if we ever get a feature film made about all of us. However until that happens, we’ll keep crafting workouts like today’s The Infinity Gauntlet. It may have been an homage to the new Avengers movie, but more importantly the course featured an infinity symbol route and only half the people survived the course.

Lather, rinse, repeat

We loved the energy on the course today and we had new members (Hi Joyce!) and even a traverbal from NP Milwaukee (Hi Shelly!). The weather is getting better every week and this the time recruit people to check us out. Now for those friends who keep saying they want to check it out, but either can’t make it or don’t seem motivated during the week to show up for the first time, you can tell them that Monday, May 27th Plymouth Movez will have a pop-up workout at 6:00am. Location will be revealed in the coming weeks. So mark your calendars and bring your friends, your kids, your mom and dad’s. Grandparents are welcome too!

Finally, we want to let you know about a great opportunity coming up in November. November Project is the group we are pledging to and regardless of if we ever become an NP tribe, we highly recommend coming to the Annual NP Summit where all the tribes around the world converge to workout together, race and celebrate in a mecca of positivity and energy.

If you think we have something special here at Plymouth Movez, we can tell you that this builds on that energy into what I can only explain as being as epic as the The Breakfast Club movie, but with less drugs, detention, or any people being mean to you—never mind it’s nothing like that movie, but it will mean making friendships for life, sweaty memories and much more. Save the Date for November 15-18 at the Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas. The races on Saturday (5K) and Sunday (10K, 13.1M, 26.2M) actually shut down the iconic “Strip” and don’t start until the sun sets. There will be more details as it gets closer, but plan to partake in various activities that will kick off with the workout on Saturday morning and conclude with a Sunday night celebration.

If you have some time, check out the following videos from the 2014 summit that capture a lot of what is special about it:

November Project Summit 2014 (Madison, WI) – Part 1
November Project Summit 2014 (Madison, WI) – Part 2
November Project Summit 2014 (Madison, WI) – Part 3

Feel free to ask me questions about it, but I would highly recommend going. We will be there and we’ll come back energized to keep this wonderful tribe going while our hearts beat and you people keep voting by showing up.

We love you and have a great day.
See you Wednesday,

Gauntlets, Popups, and Vegas!

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