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Got questions about our Saturday, January 26th 6PM workout and social? Keep reading to the end for more info.

We debuted a workout named after one of our core members, Andrea Pitty who loves stairs and burpees, so we warmed up with stair loops and burpees at the top, but first we went over how we do burpees at Plymouth Movez. If you want to make us proud a burpee always starts with a jump wth a clap above your head, then drop, chest to the ground, do a pushup, then tuck your legs in and jump up and clap again. That is one burpee. Modifications where you go to plank instead of pushup or doing more controlled motions are understandable especially when injured.

Then the main workout, called Wrecking Ball setup five stations where you had to progress sequentially and every time you hit a new station you reversed back to station one hitting every station along the way. Some might suggest this was similar to our Christmas workout, but the big difference here is sequential stations were diametrically on opposite sides of the course and so if you were going to station 4, you had to do 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, and return hitting 3, 2 and 1. It wasn’t easy, but before you knew it your had been running all over the place during most of the workout.

15 Box jumps sound simple until you are in the middle of doing them

So still wondering what is this evening event is? Read below:

Plymouth Movez is celebrating our one year anniversary with something we call Downtown Safari on Saturday January 26th at 6:00pm. We will be meeting at the Plymouth Rock. It will consist of a traveling workout for the first hour or so and will end at an undisclosed location for social time and drinks.

Here are some Questions and answers with more information:

Q: Will I be able to find you if we run late?
A: Not very likely, best to be on time or better yet, early.

Q: What do you mean by a Downtown Safari?
A: It means we encourage you to get creative with costumes or outfits. Come as your favorite Tour Guide/Animal/Tourist/Dinosaur/Mosquito/etc. Don’t worry too much about it, if you have an idea, run with it.

You can be as creative as you like.

Q: Do I have to come dressed up?
A: Look, we encourage it, because it will be great fun, but no, it is far more important that you and your friends show up and join us.

Q: I have never been to Plymouth Movez, can I come?
A: Absolutely! We don’t care if you simply can’t ever make the morning workouts, we absolutely would love to meet you! Hell if you run into us in town during the workout, you’re most welcome to join in!

Q: Can anyone join?
A: Absolutely. Any person of any age can join the workout. Bring your kids, bring your grandpa/grandma, bring your weird friend that only makes dad jokes, we welcome everyone! Our only limitation is the social will be at a location that is only 21+, so people below that age would not be able to join for that portion of the evening, however if we get enough people together, there can be second location such a group could go together.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Yourself, and positive attitude and willingness to see what we have in store for you. If you are joining for the social after, you must be 21+ and have an ID. You might want to bring some cash or a credit card to get any drinks you might like to enjoy.

Q: I don’t drink alcohol, can I still join the social?
A: If you are good with being among a group who will be having some drinks, yes you are more than welcome. There will be soft drinks and Coffee available for people.

Q: I can’t make the event, can I just meet you at the social?
A: The end location is not being disclosed because a large part of the energy and fun will be at the workout. We want you to come to that and stay for the social time and so the leadership will not be giving out the end location. However that being said we’re not looking to police anyone, so if someone shows up at the social, we’re not going worry about it.

Q: Is that all?
A: Yes, now your should probable go back to work or home.

Downtown Safari
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