For details about today’s workout and next week’s Yearbook Photos see the end of this post.
We have important information about the Downtown Safari this Saturday, January 26th at 6:00 PM to cover:


  • If you are driving to the event, please park along Water St. near the rotary. This will ensure that those who are visiting Plymouth Rock will be able to find ample space. Meters are not in service so you should be good there for the evening.
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Where to Meet:

  • We will meet at Plymouth Rock. We recommend you arrive early to make sure you don’t miss us as we are not staying there. This will be a travelling workout so only bring what you can carry or run with.

What to bring:

  • Yourself, some semblance of a costume (even a tourist counts), but if you’re not feeling creative, come as you are and dress for the weather. Your presence is more important.
  • If you are joining the Social event, you must be 21+ and have an ID. Workout is all ages and all fitness levels.
  • Some money or credit card for drinks (there will be beer and soda available for purchase). Water will be free and we plan to pick up some coffee for people as well. No one will be required to purchase anything to join the social time.
  • A change of clothes if you would like to get out of wet clothes. You don’t need to run with them, we will make arrangements for you to be able to get them after the workout.
  • Headlamps, Neon glow sticks, reflective gear, etc. It will be dark, so anything that will either help you see or be seen will be helpful. We may bring a few things to hand out for those that show up early.

Today’s workout, which I am lovingly referring to as Ice Capades was further proof that no matter what the weather brings us, we will have a workout for you. We love a challenge and there is no shortage of options. Those who stayed in bed missed out. Those who showed up got a little closer and will be stronger for it. Showing up in weather like this will be a reminder that nothing will stop you. The next opportunity maybe more people will take a chance and find their own sense of accomplishment by joining us.

The Magnificent Group Photo

Next Wednesday: PR Day & Yearbook Photo day with workouts at 5 and 6 AM. The theme for the yearbook photos will be: Weatherproof. You can take it any way you wish from funny to serious. What will you do with it? Who will show up and what will they be wearing or doing? Best way to find out is to just show up.

Downtown Safari Final Details
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